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um i like catz???

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Morocco (1930). First onscreen kiss between two women.

I’m aware that this is, much like a lot of ‘lesbian erotica’ from this same era, often hailed wrongly as authentic queer history, simply a titillating performance for the male gaze.  The characters in question are a showgirl and an audience member; the kiss is for thrills, both for the specators in the film and for the film’s audience.  Yet the inclusion of the kiss was a deliberate addition on Marlene Dietrich’s part.  Dietrich, who herself was bisexual, insisted on the kiss and wrote it into the script with a very particular eye for continuity as to make it impossible for the censors to cut.  This was her first American film.  For her to be so gutsy and to show that much agency as to include a history making few seconds of kissing, is certainly worth talking about.  Even if the characters themselves aren’t necessarily queer, or the rest of the film is pretty regressive with respect to all sorts of issues, this is a fantastic moment.

And that is why I want to embody Dietrich’s character this halloween. 

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Harry Clarke. Illustrations for Edgar Allan Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination. 1919.

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This is a video of my brother and I dancing to the Space Jam theme song in 1999 and all I have to say is WHY IS IT NOT 1999 STILL? I love how the screen flashes the year 1999 right as the theme begins to play, that basically summed up 1999 in my household. Other highlights include my brother shaking his butt in my mom’s bathrobe and basically every other ridiculous thing he does in this video.  It’s bad quality but what can you expect from an old home video filmed with a 1990s video camera? 

Man, I’m nostalgic now

the actual greatest video tho

kids of the space jam era who possessed a crap video camera and siblings

you’ll understand

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